Friday, April 18, 2008

04/18/08 - Back from "Sicksville"

Do you know when I was single I was hardly ever sick? I guess I should say before I had kids I was hardly ever sick! They seem to pick up stuff, then I get it...phew!

Anyway, today we're all healthy, we're just praying Miles doesn't get sick.


The other day Miles was singing, "I got peas like a river, I got peas like a rivers, I got peas like a river in my soul."

As I listened to him sing with all his might, I prayed that as he grows in the Lord that He always feels God's "peas".

It also was a good reminder to me that one of the greatest benefits of knowing the Lord intimately is that we have His peace, peace that surpasses our finite, human understanding.

Do you have peace right now? Remember God is not the god of confusion, but the God of peace.

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