Wednesday, April 16, 2008

04/16/08 - Puke

Yes, the title of this blog is puke!

My mom took my boys to the mall while I ran errands yesterday. We met up for lunch and we were dancing, playing, and laughing in our booth...when all the sudden Luke started throwing up! All over him, all over me, all over the table, all over the booth!

Now this was not gross to me at all. It was more alarming than disgusting. Had this been another other child I would have started to throw up myself, but it was my flesh and blood, my son, my sick son. I wanted nothing more than to hold him and comfort him.

God is our parent in heaven. As I reflected on my reaction to this very gross bodily function, I realized how God loves us in our "puke". Not only loves us, but desires to comfort us and care for us at the lowest point in our life.

Luke's first reaction was to run to my arms. Is that our reaction: To run to the arms of our heavenly Father when life turns sour?

Luke is feeling better, but did have some interesting diapers last night...I'll leave it at that!

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