Thursday, April 10, 2008

04/10/08 - Tonight and this weekend

Tonight Women of Worth has their main spa night. I ask you to pray for them as they reach out to the women at Northwestern. Pray also for their safety as they have been up against some angry protesters!

Also, this weekend is the young women's conference I have been helping plan since November!

If you are a young woman, grades 6 to 12, join us for a powerful weekend.

I also ask that you pray for this conference as well. Our main speaker is flying in on American Airlines and the airline has had over 2000 cancellation in the last two days alone. Pray that her flight does not get cancelled.

Thank you for all your support and love!


WoW said...


If you need me for anything tomorrow night or Saturday, don't hesitate to ask!


Heather Paulsen said...

Chelsea...are you coming to Meant for More?

I am praying for you today!!!

WoW said...

I never registered, but if you need help, I'd be more than willing to help out. I have something for a few hours on Saturday, but other than that, I'm free.

Heather Paulsen said...

I'll call your cell if we're in need of help on Sat!

Thanks for being so willing!!