Monday, March 31, 2008

03/31/03 - While waiting to be a wife and mom

After college I moved to Denver for a year. After three years of living away from my parents I moved back home. My dad asked me to come home and prepare for marriage.

I didn't think I had a lot of preparation, but was I wrong!

In those three years I had developed an independent spirit, which would not be conducive to a healthy marriage in which I believe an interdependent spirit is most beneficial!

Living at home with my parents I had people who I had to "check-in" with, run my calendar past, and be accountable to. All of these things had become obsolete to me. Living on my own I was my own boss, so moving home and having that structure and authority was a bit of an adjustment.

After moving home I was free (thanks to my parents) to pursue ministry, God, preparing for marriage, and life. God birthed my book from this season of my life!

I know there are those of you who read my blog who are doing just what I at home, preparing for marriage, and not pursing a career at all. Be encouraged to seek the things of the Lord! He will use this season of your life in ways that can not be imagined!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your article! it was excellent. ALl my life I have wanted to be a wife and mother...and I am trying to practice in my parents house. The other day, one of my guy friends told me that "when you get married it will just be a continuation of what you are doing now." pausing, he added, "I take that back. It will be a continuation when you have kids." WOW!!! It really confirmed to me that right now I am practicing the biblical romodel for womanhood even while I am single.

Anna said...

that is so cool! I have been waiting for my husband, and even though i am only 15, I get kind of impatient.
I want to persue writing. do you think that I could do this even after i have a family?

AimeeAnne said...

You have just summed up my entire life. Thank you for presenting it in a valid way; instead of how most choose to, which is "Why are you hiding behind your mommy and daddy? You need to get out there and start your own life."