Sunday, March 30, 2008

03/30/03 - I want to be a wife and a mom

"What do you want to do when you grow up?" The curious woman asked the young woman.

In her heart she wanted to say, "I want to be a wife and a mom." But she knew that this answer never satisfies the critics who think that to "just" want to be a wife and mom is not a good enough answer!

"I am hoping to become a elementary teacher after college." Was her half-hearted answer.

How many of you feel this way? You really have a deep longing to be a wife and a mom, but the world around you says that this is not a good enough goal to have!

Well, I am here to encourage you!

I am a proud helpmate to my husband and full time mom to my kids! It's what I always wanted to do and I love my job!

Our culture seems to think that desiring to have a career is far more exciting, adventurous, worth while, than "just" being a wife and mom.

Let me ask you: What can you take to heaven?

Before we had kids we agreed that the only thing we can take to heaven were our kids and we were going to make any sacrifice we had to in order that we could use as much energy as we possibly had to see our own children enter the gates of heaven!

You can't take a position, prestige, money, a job title, a big house, fancy vacations, brand new everything, and a large ego to heaven...just souls!

Being a wife and a mom is powerful! I have the chance to make an eternal impact...ETERNAL IMPACT!!!

So next time someone asks: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Tell them, "I desire a godly wife and a mom! I want to see God's kingdom grow and one way for that to happen is for godly men and women to marry, have babies, and raise them in the fear and knowledge of the Lord. This would be far better than any 'job' I could have. But until God does that, I am working towards becoming a teacher."


Alexi said...

Thanks for that post. It was a good reminder, and I also like your quote at the end where you also state "...until that time I'm working on becoming a teacher." I think it's important to not only wait for your husband, but to be productive while waiting. I think many girls think that waiting means staying home and not going to college etc., but a person can do more than that while "waiting" for their future husband. So thanks for the encouragement in regards to answering people when they do ask that question.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post! I get asked that question all the time...answering it can be quite frustrating. :-) Your post encouraged me to be honest.

julie said...

My lovely daydream of being a wife and mother hit the wall about four years ago when I found out I had polycystic ovaries. It was the infertility aspect of the condition that had me weeping in the doctor's office, even though I'd originally sought medical advice for persistent acne. With treatment, my oily skin has cleared up, but my reproductive future is an unknown.
How and when is it appropriate to tell one's future husband this sort of medical information?

Stephanie said...

Hi Heather!

I've been reading your blog for awhile now and love it! I look forward to seeing your update everyday. I discovered your book when it first came out and love it. It's helped tremendously!

Thanks, especially, for this post. I am that teacher that is just doing this until I can be the wife and mom I really want to be. The hard part is changing your expectations. I just turned 29 last week, and I fully expected to at least be married by now. Even when I graduated college, I thought I would only teach a couple years. It's been more than that! :) It's much harder now to keep putting my full effort into teaching when I'm so longing for something else, and have no idea when it will happen. But I'm hopeful and keep having faith!

Thanks again!

Heather Paulsen said...


Let me encourage you! One day you'll back at these days and they will seem like a blurr.

My middle sister, Lesli, was one month away from turning 34 when she got married. Now, just two years into her marriage, she's has a 8 month old and one due in September!

I'll pray for you!! I know it gets tough, esp. as that 3-0 mark seems to be looming!!

On a side note, me and my sisters said that if we were all single at 30 we were going to go on a big trip and buy diamond necklaces ;-)

We didn't make it..well, at least we were not all in our 30's and single. Colleen was married two months after her 30th and I was the youngest one married at 28!

Thanks for reading!

Heather Paulsen said...


I believe that when the commitment to pursure a relationship with marriage in mind is set, that it is then this should be brought up.

Just my thoughts!

Mrs Q said...

Hi Julie, A friend of mine has PCOS and married at 36. She and her hubby thought they might not have children, but they had a honeymoon baby, a girl. 12 months later they had a boy. My niece took some time to conceive her first baby (with PCOS) but is now expecting her second with only 12 months between them. Fertility or infertility should never be taken for granted!