Friday, March 28, 2008

03/28/08 - Did you break something?

Yesterday, I was feeling so frumpy! Ever feel that way?

It was just a day where I felt...blah about myself. I felt fat, frumpy, and just lethargic..and this was when I woke up! As John left for work I was checking e-mail and hardly looked up to say goodbye.

As soon as he left I thought to myself, "What kind of wife am I?"

I looked around my messy house and thought, "I am going to either sit here and feel bad about myself all day, or get up and be productive!"

Thankfully, I choose the second option! I started spring cleaning! I actually unpacked the last box from when we moved in to this house, almost two years ago!

When John got home for lunch I had a hot lunch waiting for him (which he loves) and we sat together to eat lunch. (Normally I eat with the boys, but I waited to eat with him.)

Then after lunch I caught sight of myself in the mirror! WOW! I was not a site I'd want to come home to. So I finally got my shower (at 6 pm), blew dried and curled my hair, put on make-up, and got dinner ready. (Thursday nights he doesn't get home till after 7:45 or so.)

When John got home he said, "Oh, you look pretty tonight."

After about two hours he said, "Did you put on make-up and do your hair?"

"Yes." I replied.

"You cleaned the house, took the garbage can out to the curb, had a hot dinner, and you got all dolled up!" He said.

"Yup, see...well..." I said, getting ready to confess how I felt so bad about not seeing him off to work. How my e-mail took precedence over him and I wanted to be a better wife overall and make this home the one place that he longs to be, over any other place.

"Did you break something? Did you run the van into the garage wall? Did you break something in the basement?" He said in all seriousness, before I got to my confession.

Laughingly I said, "No...." and then went on to share with him my desire to not lose sight of the fact that he is my number one ministry and I want to make this place the most desirable place he longs to be.

He just kissed me and told me that I am the best wife he could have ever asked for and that this is the one place he longs to be over any other place, but it was nice to see me all dolled up just for him and have a hot lunch and dinner!

Why do I share?

I think it's easy to put only my "good" foot forward. But know that I have to make a point to foster my marriage. I work towards making my family and my husband my number one.

I never would have believed I would have become one of those women who doesn't see her husband off to work and greet him at the door, but with two little ones it's easy to see my husband as the only one who doesn't "need" me. My boys need me, they are unable to do things on their own. My husband doesn't so at times it's easy to just want him to fend for himself, but I am called to be his helpmate.

I thank God for the reminder! I am sitting here, with dinner ready to be made, hair done, make-up on, and just waiting for him to get home from work!


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing this, it speaks volumes to me. I am going to go and sit with my husband now, rather than wasting time on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I too have found that over the years, the slacking gradually creeps in until ~ whack! I must cultivate our marriage and 'work' at it....doing the little things he wants done so he can come home to a peaceful home.
Stephanie <><

julie said...

You're so blessed to have a responsive husband who appreciates your efforts as wife and mother. I believe that makes all the difference between feeling loved and valued as a woman, and being a mere workhorse.

arcee said...

Ah! I was laughing at your post! How adorable...I appreciate your honesty on this. What you say is true: when we see some of our deficiencies or tendencies we are displeased with and we are tempted to sit around and feel bad about ourselves, it is better to pray and do something productive. God brought you and your husband closer in a situation that could have pushed you apart if you had decided to sit and mope!