Wednesday, March 26, 2008

03/26/08 - Standard

Who's standard are you living up to? Do you expect others to live up to your standard?

One thing I love about God is that He calls us each to different things, He convicts us at different times and of different things, and He brings unique situations into our life.

One thing God has taught me is to not place my convictions about non-essential issues onto other people. God's called me to live my life in such a way, but He may not call someone else to live their life the same way (How boring would it be if we all did the same thing anyway!?)

I realized that I am not the Holy Spirit and I've tried to take all the "you should" and "do this" phrases out of my vocabulary. (Except for my kids, in which I have the God given responsibility to train them and guide them until they are able to hear from God on their own.)

There's not list in how to remain emotionally pure before or after marriage. There's no "do this" and you'll be pure! It's a matter of your heart and the standard God calls you to may look totally different than me or those around you!


Alyshia said...

This is so true....... There are Christians that do this in every part of there life. They feel that God has led them a certain way (i.e. not watching certain movies) and they think that everyone else should do the same. There is nothing wrong with encouraging other to look at this or that aria in their life and see where God wants them (in fact we should do this) but we can not expect Him to put them in the same place we are.

It is like the little child who thinks that just because they can not say a certain word or can not play with a certain toy that no other person should be able to say that word or play with that toy.

This is definitely a problem in the church and we need to realize that God works differently in everyone and gives everyone different convictions.

We also need to realize that some of these “convictions” may not even be form God but of our own choice and we definitely need to not push these choices on others.

Sorry my short comment ended up a lot longer then intended.
Thanks you so much for the post!
Your sister in Christ,

julie said...

I find it easiest to relate these kinds of personal convictions to the area of food and nutrition. While there are things that are generally agreed as healthy, there is much individual variation in diet. What one person is able to safely consume may poison another.
The only firm guideline we're given is in Romans 14:13 - 23, about not causing a weaker brother to stumble. To use the food analogy, this would be like someone deciding to give up peanut butter, a food they enjoy, for the sake of a loved one with peanut allergy.

Joanna said...

Thanks Heather, thats exactataicly what I needed to hear right now!

Jessica said...

This post makes me think of Galatians 5, specifically, "You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love." And then further on it says "live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature". Great post!

Holly said...

I TOTALLY agree about taking the "you should" out of teaching on the gray areas of purity. (I hate that phrase "gray areas" but let's face it, there are things in the Bible that are not explicitly stated.) God's also humbling me by showing me that I don't have all the answers for all the questions on purity. I'm actually at a "True Love Waits" Disciple Now right now, teaching junior high and high school girls... and it's humbling. One of them asked if there is an age at which we think it is okay to kiss. While I have my own personal convictions, God has not told me to place that conviction on everyone else, as if they "do this" and that makes them pure. Man... purity takes such humility. It's humbling to think about how I could, in my weak flesh, give in at any second when tempted, and that it is ONLY by the grace of God that I have not given in so far!!

May God give us grace to look to Him for our life, to look to Him for the convictions He wants to give us in order to glorify Him (not to puff ourselves up that we are so "righteous!")

I'm with ya sister. right on.