Monday, March 10, 2008

03/10/08 - Guys

Okay, guys this one's for you!

Are you upfront with your intentions?

I was talking to a girlfriend over the weekend and I was sharing about this one guy who was a little ambiguous with me before I knew John. She said, "He was the same way with me!" Not that I am picking on this guy at all, but guys come on and be up front!

It's just not nice to be all flirting with a girl you have no intentions with. Maybe you'd like to get to know her, but have no real "dating" in mind, then just get to know her without all the flirting, setting her apart or making her feel like you like.

I have to believe that guys know when they are stirring a girl his way. I know girls know when their outfit is getting attention from guys. They know when what they are wearing is causing guys to look their direction!

Guys you know when you're not being totally clear with a girl. If single men and women avoided these ambiguities, I believe maybe there be a deeper sense of God's wonderfully, high call in the body of Christ. I believe young men and women would have more respect for each other and may, just maybe more people would be married!


morgan coy said...

I think it goes the same for girls too. It's a sin, really, because we are lying to this person through actions. I wanted to tell you about a new book (I'm a friend of the author so I'm passing the news on!) called "Changing Your World One Diaper At A Time" by Marla Taviano (Harvest House Pub.) Her website is and her blog is
I thought you might be interested since you have young kiddos. =)
love, morgan

Joseph said...

Guys definitely do not always know what they are doing (and this will not be magically changed just because you do not believe it). It may be true that they should know how women respond to things perceived as flirting- but should is not reality. It is true that they are responsible for their actions (as is everyone else). But it is not safe to assume that a guy who is "flirting" with a girl knows that he is doing so. You may want to suggest to fathers that they sit down their boys and explain some things to them- because whether or not they should know (and perhaps we agree that they in some sense should), they are clueless more times than I can count.

Julie said...

I wonder if this "heartbreaker" behaviour is a trap that "beauties" of both genders can fall into. They're accustomed to the attention their attractiveness brings, so they have their pick of people of the opposite sex. Ignorance and/or insensitivity may lead them to believe they've done nothing wrong, because they didn't fool around with a person physically.