Thursday, February 28, 2008

02/28/08 - Revelation 3:16

Yesterday I received a note about the verse I quote, which I appreciate!

It stated:
"I read the blog you posted, and I was thinking about the verse in Rev. 3:16 that you provided.

The verse you cited was written to a church that was neither hot nor cold. Water at that time coming to the landlocked area that the church was in was carried or brought in by livestock. Water that was cold was valued for its refreshing quality and warm water was considered more medicinal and highly valued as well.

When John writes about God spitting them out of His mouth, he is speaking about the jars that contained water that typically were not of the freshest quality to begin with, and usually tasted like the clay it was held in. the parallel for this application is a delicate one, and its applicability to individuals who are struggling to find who they are, showing one side of themselves on one day, and showing another side of themselves on another day, does not directly correlate.

I appreciate your heart to minister to people who are in need of searching, but God spitting them out of His mouth I don't think is the correct application of the verse. This verse standing alone as an admonishment to the searching/lost person is more of a proof text than a verse that speaks right to the heart of the matter"

I thought it was worth posted. My response was as follows:

"I appreciate any insight. I am not a biblical scholar, but this I know. When I was struggling with my faith in college, when I had a Sunday Heather and a Monday through Sat. Heather, I felt the Holy Spirit ask me to be either hot or cold for the Lord. To decide to walk in a way that was completely for the Lord.

It was in that moment that I knew the Lord wanted me, He had a purpose for me and walking with half of my life in the world, was not what He had called me to do.

I am tired of people who claim to be Christians yet live their lives in a matter that totally destroys the message of Christ. I am sick of people who live double lives. I'd rather them just flat out say they are not Christians, instead of using the status Christian, yet not living their life TOTALLY sold out for Christ."

Hope that helps with anyone else who may have had the same issue with me using that verse!

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