Tuesday, February 26, 2008

02/26/08 - Prayer

In part one of Our Story I shared how God asked me to stop praying for a husband but my husband. Some left a question over the weekend: What did you pray about when you stopped praying for a husband, but for your husband?

Each year I had a different prayer. I remember in 1996 it was that he would be getting his finances ready to support a wife and family (John graduated Chiropractic College this year).

Now I used to remember what each year was, but I can't remember specifics now, however some of my yearly prayers were:

That he'd be lonely for a wife.
That he'd have a year of blessings.
That he'd have a tough year spiritual.

Boy, I can't remember the other two or three I had. It was fun to compare notes with John when we knew we were getting married. I can see how God did do different things in his life in the years I prayed certain things!

I kept a journal to John and we took it on our honeymoon. It sure was fun to read it to him.

Praying for my husband helped my heart stay pure for him alone!


rachael said...

thank you for answering my question...i finally read your book after owning it since 2001. i was much more ready to willingly receive the wisdom now than when i tried to read it way back when. it really spoke to me and seems to be the right timing.

honestly, i am really glad to find out that you aren't still single and that you haven't been for a few years now. your story with your husband really proves (not the exact word i'm looking for) your book/message. i was half worried that if i read a book like this by a single woman that i'd be signing up for the forever single club. but you were given truth and you wrote it in faith and now you have the fruit of that. your message would be less if you never had to walk it out yourself.

so that's where i am. walking all of this out in faith. not easy.

i think it's a good idea to start praying for *my* husband after mostly praying for *a* husband for the last decade. so thanks for giving me ideas on what to pray for. if you think of more, i'd love to hear them. i'll be checking back regularly.

and i love following the gretchen/kyle story. they seem so pure and happy.

Heather Paulsen said...


I am glad to be able to prove that remaining emotionally pure really does work! I have seen many friends and sisters walk this path and get married. Gretchen is one of those young ladies! God was so faithful to her. She was so pure and really waited on God...she was more patient than me!

I'll be praying for you and your husband!

God Bless!