Monday, February 25, 2008

02/25/08 - Wedding

This weekend I coordinated a wedding for my friends Gretchen and Kyle. What a joy! Gretchen saved her heart fully for Kyle. Gretchen never flirted, she guarded her heart very intensely and knew that it was in God's hands.

It was a joy to watch her fall in love with Kyle. To allow her heart to open up to him through their courtship and engagement. Then to be his wife and love on him at their wedding.

One thing that she did that I loved, was have a break-away toss bouquet. It looks like one big bouquet, but 7 young ladies went home with a little bouquet.

I know that Gretchen's faithfulness in waiting for Kyle is an encouragement to all these young women!

For more pictures you can visit my personal blog.

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