Wednesday, February 20, 2008

02/20/08 - Drawing

Each of my boys (Miles, Luke and John) drew the names for me!! I had three people leave messages on my facebook account, so there were 24 total!

RMS won!

Alyshia won!

Rebekah S. won!


Will the three of you please send me a mailing address to my email address:

Also, today my blog will hit 10,000 hits! Amazing! I know for some of you well seasoned bloggers may see 10,000 hits as a drop in the bucket. But, I praise God for using me in this way. As a stay at home mom I am so blessed to be able to minister to God's people this way!

A couple of other misc. notes:

Bloom Blog is doing a review of my book over the next few weeks.

I was recently interviewed. You can read it here: Interview

Also, if your a facebook fan, come on over join the Emotional Purity Group.

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