Monday, February 18, 2008

02/18/08 - Questions

I still have some questions to answer from my 6 part dating story!

In an email someone asked me about those times that I'd emotionally pull away from John. Here's how the question was asked: "I read something on your blog about pulling back from John during certain periods in order to protect your heart. How might this look? "

Here was my responce:

"Well, there would be times that we be together, talking, hanging out, and I feel the need to share emotionally with John and I knew I couldn't, so I'd stop talking, leave the room, go home. It was totally opposite of my personality.

Or there'd be times we'd be really having a good time and I'd start to over think about John and knew I was investing too much, so again I'd back way."

The questioner wrote back:

"I can see the value in backing off, but it seems so hard to just up and leave in the middle of a conversation or when having a good time. What would you say and how would you say it tactfully?"

I said:

"Well, we were hardly alone, so it would be easy to get up and leave because we'd be with a group of people. I don't think I ever said anything, I'd just get quiet."

Many of you ask me about this time, these 6 months. It was/is totally opposite of my personality to be quiet and back away. It was hard for me to do this, but I knew it was needed to help us both stay emotionally pure.

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