Thursday, February 14, 2008

02/14/08 -Our Story (Part 6)

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Did you think it would take five days to get to us even meeting? Hope you're still enjoying our story!

After John and I met, God gave us lots of opportunity to get to know each other. Mostly it was at his brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Connie's, house. We hung out a lot with them and with my family. The more I actually got to know John, the more I liked him. He was/is so much fun and our personalities clicked.

Our frienship revolved around time with family. We'd see each other a couple of times a week and we finally started talking at church!

Of course, there were plenty of times I had to just back away from him. After we started dating, he told me that during this six months he felt like there were times I'd just emotionally shut down. I told him that it was to protect my own heart, if he wasn't my husband, which he completely understood.

There were some very hard moments during those six months. God had confirmed to me this path and waiting on Him was tough. Also, I had to find the balance of enjoying this friendship and respecting his future wife, if she wasn't me! God taught me a lot and I fully leaned on His wisdom during this time.

During these six months John began seeking out ways to spend time with me. He said when he'd get home from work he'd turn off his kitchen light and then peek through the blinds in back kitchen window to see if my car was in his brother's driveway. When he'd see my car, he make his way over there to see what was up.

One night we were at Mike and Connie's house and I thought I'd test him a bit. So when I heard him come in, I went to the kitchen. I could hear him in the livingroom and then he came into the kitchen. Their house has a large circle, so I went out of the kitchen the other way so he couldn't see me.

After his investigation in the kitchen he came back to the livingroom, where I was sitting and he said, "Oh there you are!" and came to sit next to me! This was very much out of his normal operating mode! Yes, we were both beginning to know this was something more than just a friendship.

You have to know something about John. He never dated before me. He was pure both emotionally and physically. He had always said he'd marry the 'girl he couldn't live with out'. Acutally, he never thought he would get married. So for him to begin to treat me different was a sign that he was moving in a different direction.

I knew that March 11th would be the date that I had prayed about. I knew that would be the 6 month mark. The Passion Play season was in full swing. John was playing Peter and I was playing, Sarah, the woman with blood issues who was healed by Jesus.

Being involved in the play gave us lots of opprotunities to contiune to get to know each other.

One Saturday we both had practice late and a group of friend had gone to dinner, so we were going to join them later. The car ride there and home was one of the few times we were alone.

Another, Sunday he asked me to grab lunch. So we got Subway and went back to my house to eat. Then he said he wanted to run by his house and change out of his Sunday clothes before practice. At his place, I just stood in the kitchen waiting for him to get ready, when there was a knock on the kitchen door. It was his renter giving him a rent check.

Then the phone rang and since he was in the bathroom he yelled for me to grab the phone. After I told him who it was (his office managers son) he said to me, "Well, since you got the door and answered my phone we might at as well get married." He said this to me as he was walking back to his bedroom, so of course no eye contact was made. I couldn't believe John Patenaude just said we should get married!

March 11th fell on a Tuesday night and wouldn't you know that we had rehersal that night, together, the only Tuesday night we had rehersals together that entire practice season! I was a crowd person in the Peter denial scene...the same scene I had seen John in years before!

The Saturday before I had asked John if he wanted to get dinner after rehersal that night...little did he know that I was going to DTR (define the relationship) with him that night. But that's just what I did.

We grabbed Taco Bell, headed back to my house and started talking small talk. We weren't totally comfortable being alone, but that was about to change.

After I mustered up enough courage, I told him that he was treating me different and that we needed to clarify our relationship. It was then he confessed a growing intrest in me. We both expressed that we would enter this relationship with marriage in mind. I said, "So what are we then?" He said, "I guess we're boyfriend and girlfriend". Then we actually shook hands on the deal!

Our actually courtship was totally opposite of the years leading up to meeting. Five days after we started to date we pulled out our summer calendars to find a wedding date. We knew what God had brought us together and when I finally share all these details with John it just blew his mind!

God's timing was perfect. John told me that even two weeks before then, he would not have been ready to commit his life to mine. So although, I wanted to meet John a year before we actually did..God knew he wasn't ready!

That was March 11th...we were married on July 12th, just four months and one day later!

We've been together almost 5 years! Amazing! There are still times I tell John, "Pinch me! You picked me!" I love being married to John. It was so worth waiting for him.

We were very, very, excited to be getting married! Actually this photo is blown up and framed in our dining room. Our oldest son Miles, will come up and say, "Mommy and daddy's wedding." as he throws his arms and leg in the's so cute!

I do hope you've been blessed this week by Our Story! I pray that you've seen God as the center of it all. Knowing God and knowing how God spoke to me was essential in this story. Even still I lean on the personal, intimate relationship, I have with God to show me His will for my life.

God can write the most beautiful love story, we just have to let Him! Happy Valentines Day!


arcee said...

it has been fun to hear more of the details of how God brought the two of you together! Hooray! God is so good! you have such a darling picture there, i love that is evident you are both full of joy! it really captures the essence of all that was growing in your hearts! :)--Rebekah

Kristin said...

What a wonderful story! I have enjoyed reading each installment :) May God continue to bless your family!

Anonymous said...

No offense Heather, but why haven't you taken your husband's last name, yet?

Joanna said...

Thanks for sharing your story! It was neat to read! :)

Sara N. Smith said...

What a wonderful story - it was much enjoyed! Blessings always!!!

Anonymous said...

Your story is beautiful and I really enjoyed reading it! God is good!

Michelle said...

Hi again Heather. See, you didn't need the story of John and I and our ridiculously short courtship, because you had the same story!

Jessica Faith said...

amazing story heather! awesome:) love that first wedding pic! where was that?

Heather "Paulsen" Patenaude said...

Jessica...that is at our church!

Mele said...

Thanks for the wonderful story. Your story is a wonderful testament about faith and waiting on God. May God bless your wonderful family as this story has blessed my future family in faith!!