Sunday, February 10, 2008

02/10/08 -Our Story (Part 2)

Part One

After our year at the motel, I realized I was on to something with this book. People began asking me about it and wanted to read it when I was done. My thought was to go to Kinko's and just print up 25 copies for friends and family.

But, God had bigger plans! He opened doors and in 2000 I went to a writers conference where I met my first publisher: WinePress Publishers. On my birthday in 2000 I signed my book contract!

As I worked on editing the book and working though all the details of self-publishing, guys were far from my mind. I was so focused on what God was doing, I knew I need to keep my focus. There literally no guys anywhere!

However, my dad was having different thoughts! A lady at his office randomly said to him one day: "There are these two really nice, single, young men that attend this church. They are high quality guys."

Of course, my dad never told me or my sisters about this, but the two guys she was referring to were: John, my husband and Kevin, my brother-in-law ;-) That's another story!!

Also, one summer day in 2000 we were sitting on our large porch. I asked my dad to describe our husbands to us. I told him that he knew us well enough and knew what type of men we could marry. After some humming dad began to describe our husbands, starting with my oldest sister.

When he got to me he told me that my husband would be emotional in his walk with the Lord and passionate about God. He also said that he'd be the life of the party, but need his alone, quiet time. He told me that he'd be about 5'10" or 5'11". He said other things, but these were the qualities that stuck out to me the most.

God had also put something in my heart about my husband. I always loved visiting the town of Zion. I had LOTS of family in Zion and it always felt like I was coming home. Actually when ever I turn down this certian street I always felt home (that street was the street John lived on!!) I had wanted to marry someone from Zion and raise my family in this community. Again this was years before I knew John or anything about him!

During this pre-John time I had also prayed that 1) from the time I met my husband till I knew we were going to get married would be 6 months and 2) that my dad would just tell me as plain as day when I'd get married.

On my blog I encourage many of you privately to seek God with all your heart. When you make it your goal to know God, He will begin to show you peeks of your future! It's great to watch God at work!!


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