Saturday, February 9, 2008

02/09/08 -Our Story (Part 1)

In honor of Valentine's Day I have decided to spend this week sharing with you about how John and I met, fell in love, and got married.

Let me make a disclaimer before I begin!

If you are TIRED of courtship/dating stories, then simply avoid my blog this week. My hope is to encourage and if you are just plain ol' tired of the courtship story not including you, then I will pray for you and I'll see you next week!

I need to go back a bit to help give some perspective.

New Year's Eve 1995 (age 21) I was in Indiana attending a Campus Crusade Christmas Conference. I went to bed shortly after midnight and as I laid alone in that hotel room I began thinking about MY husband. Not just being married, but MY husband. God convicted me to stop praying for a husband, but pray for MY husband. It was there, that night, I had my first thought about John!

I began to faithfully pray for him from that point forward!

1996-1997 I worked in a ministry where I experienced an undefinded, emotionally intimate relationship that left me heart broken. I moved back in to my parents house at 23 to see where the Lord was leading. I spent a year doing ministry and also worked as a sub teacher at the local high school.

Also, during this time I was involved in a singles group and saw first hand some of the emotional craziness that occurred!

In 1998 my sisters and I had an opportunity to operate a motel in a quaint little town in southern Wisconsin. We lived and worked at the motel for a year. It was there that I began writing my "journal to my children".

At this point, God had given me a great deal of peace about being single. When I began to write God put His hand on me and made me invisable to all guys!

But He was beging to stir my heart towards John, without me even knowing it!

One of the guests at the hotel was a sweet young gal, who was visiting on business. She loved the hotel so much, two weekends later she brought her husband. She had told me her husband was in Chiropractic College. I'll never forget shaking his hand, it was so firm and strong. I told him, "Now that's a chirporactor's handshake!" In my mind I thought, "I want to marry a chiropractor!" Also, on her key ring she had this mini spine...yes, she was the wife of a chiropractor!


Momma Amy said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more details of you and John's story! I only know the summed up version. :)

arcee said...

You said "When I began to write God put His hand on me and made me invisable to all guys!"

I think I have been in a few year stint of being 'invisible to all guys' (or at least most of them!), but unfortunately, no matter how 'busy' I am with other things, I still feel sad and frustrated.

There is a sense of peace sometimes that God hasn't forgotten me and that apparently the time or the guy or something hasn't been right. Yet, it doesn't take away the hurt of being invisible.

Did that hurt? Or did you feel a shield of protection from God in that?

rachael said...

what did you pray about when you stopped praying for a husband, but for your husband?

Anonymous said...

hmm.. what if you were shown who the guy is n u start praying for him..but what if 'the one' doesn't know? does it mean u heard right???? please reply.