Wednesday, February 6, 2008

02/06/08 - Living Life

Are you living life? I mean are you enjoy life as a single, living to your fullest?

Last night we were watching the weather channel to find out more about the 12 inches of snow we're expected to receive today! (We've gotten about five so far!)

They showed Taos, NM and I was telling my husband about a trip I took there when I was single. I told him about the women's retreat I spoke at and how BEAUTIFUL Taos, NM is!

Then we went on to share about some of our adventures when we were single. Neither one of us sat around waiting for "life to being" at marriage. We both travelled, enjoyed friendships, deepened our walk with the Lord, and basically enjoyed that season of our life.

Now that we're married, have kids, and a WHOLE lot more responsibility, we can't just pick up and fly to Taos for a weekend.

So, I ask you, are you enjoying your life as a single? Or do you feel like life won't really begin till you're married?


ScribblinScribe said...

It's always a struggle to be content where the Lord has me...but I know His ways are best! Yes, I am enjoying being single and the opportunities that the Lord has for me now...most of the time. ;)

Thanks for writing a great book and keeping a great blog!

Sara N. Smith said...

This past year, the Lord has taken me on a path that I thought I never would have had to tread. However, as I look to Him concerning my future - by His grace, I try to patiently wait on Him as He strengthens my heart. I have my difficult days when I struggle but there is total peace to realize that if I obey and follow Him, serving Him and those around me - that is where His blessing lies!
Thank you for the encouragement!