Saturday, February 2, 2008

02/02/08 - "Later sweetheart"

Today my, almost 3 year old, son wanted some candy. I told him, "You can have that later, Miles."

"I need it now, mommy." He replied in a very sweet voice.

"Later sweetheart, after lunch." I said.

"Please, I need it mommy. I need it now." He said trying to convince me this was a life or death matter.

"Mommy said, 'After lunch' Miles, you need to be patient." I said in more of a firm voice.

"PLLEEEAAASSEEE mommy, can I have it now?" he said back.

At this point I thought to myself: just ignore him, I gave him my answer and he can just wait till after lunch. (Which after lunch we both forgot about the candy ;-) )

"Mommy did you hear me? I need candy." He said, realizing I was not saying anything back.

I continued with my long to do list today and thought to myself: Is this how God feels about us when we continue to nag about something? Maybe God gives us the answer: wait or later. But that's not good, so we keep on asking, "Lord, PLEASE! I need this!"

Maybe He has said wait and then He is silent. He gave His answer and He sees no need in trying to make us see why waiting is the best thing for us.

I am not comparing my mothering style to God, but it's amazing how often God shows Himself to me through my own children!!


Olivia said...

Very clever. I like this post and your analogy of our relationship with Christ! Olivia

Anonymous said...

I read all your posts from this make so much sense...I love how you have a real gift...I love the comparisons you give from what you learn in your life to what God is doing in our lives....I am always blessed by reading your posts....thank you so much!

hollymark said...

Love this post!

allison said...

Wow. I love this post!
I've been learning lately (through the entire last year) that God's timing is not usually my timing! It's amazing how he works though. Like your son asking for candy, I would nag God for certian things, whether it be a boy, to find my lost earring, for me to find a way to go to this youth group event when a family issue came up that day, etc. When I gave up and left it up to God, he answered...for the boy, it was within weeks! (yay!) For the earring & youth group event, it was minutes-hours. There are so many instances that I could share that just make me realize how if I leave it up to God, I will get an answer. It's not always how I want though, because I prayed for my family to be able to go to a new church that our church planted (I wanted to go for the people who were going) and he said no.
God is so amazing! Thanks for listening to my story! I just discovered your blog (even though you had told me about it on my blog a while ago) and I LOVE it! Thanks so much.