Thursday, January 24, 2008

01/24/08 - That's not what I wanted!

Yesterday we decided to take out boys to see the new Veggie Tales movie. This was Luke's first movie!

When I heard the boys stirring from their nap, I went up to their bedroom, opened the door, and said, "Who wants to go see Bob and Larry at the movie theater?"

Miles said, "Oh, okay!"

"Bob and Larry? Bob and Larry?" Was all Luke would say.

When we got downstairs Luke started crying, as he walked over to the TV, "Bob and Larry! Bob and Larry."

I tried to explain to an 18 month old, "Luke we have to go-go, get our coats on, and go see Bob and Larry."

This didn't help, "BOB AND LARRY, Peas (his way of saying please)." It was more like, "PEEEAAASSEEE"

"Yes, Lukie we're going to see Bob and Larry, let's get your diaper changed and coat on."

Nothing helped.

So I got him bundled, all the while he was crying for Bob and Larry on the TV. Little did he know that we were going to see a movie. TV was just a 13 inch screen with Bob and Larry in VHS quality! Little did he know that we were going to have a treat at the theater and watch on a huge screen with great quality. This didn't matter, in his mind he wanted Bob and Larry on his TV at home.

As I was getting him in his winter gear I thought, "Aren't we like this with God?!?"

We think we want something (Bob and Larry on a 13 inch TV in VHS quality) and throw a crying fit when we don't get what we think we want! All the while, God has something much better planned for us, we just have to WAIT on Him!

What are you waiting for these days?


Sara N. Smith said...

Oh, how true! Waiting seems to be one of the hardest things to do. I guess that's why we're called to walk by faith and not by sight! :)
In my heart of hearts, I positively know that it is the best to wait on the Lord because He cares like no other - but sometimes it's so hard to put that into practice. said...

That is a fabulous comparison to our desires vs what God has prepared for us if we follow Him - and wait.

We just made plans to take our Pennsylvania children and grandchildren to an IMAX to see "Bugs" which is in 3D. That is another whole dimension.

Anonymous said...

Your blog really spoke to me today because I was just meditating on Psalm 27:13-14 about waiting on the Lord. I always keep coming back to that verse periodically because there are a lot of times that I doubt God's goodness and his plan for my life, which I have no reason at all to ever doubt. But it's especially hard in relationships. Why do I find it so hard to wait for God's timing? He's never given me a reason to doubt him!

Anne said...

What a GREAT analogy! Thanks for the wonderful challenge.