Monday, January 21, 2008

01/21/08 - Welcoming Love of Christ

In church yesterday, our pastor preached about the "Welcoming Love of God" in our church. He shared our church's vision of a multi-ethnic congergation where all races would feel welcome with the love of Christ.

Our church is in a community that is mixed with many races, although our church is mostly Caucasians. Our pastor shared that a survey was done and only 5% of churches in America are truly multi-ethnic.

Thankfully, I attend a church that is not "okay" with this stat and is working towards making all races feel the welcoming love of God!

Don't we tend to just stick with people we are most like. Whether it be our age group, our race, our convictions, our religion, or our stage of life. Moving outside of that comfort box can be, well...uncomfortable!

Today on this Martin Luther King day, let's remember that we are all God's people. He created us all in His image. No matter your skin color, your home church, your age group, your are created in His image.

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