Monday, January 14, 2008

01/14/08 - Being Single and Remaning Emotionally Faithful

I received a couple of comments with questions in them, which I enjoy, because then I know what you're thinking!

Here was the first question: "What about while you're in a dating/courting relationship, but not married? It seems that it is easier to define behavior within marriage and being single, but what about that middle area?"

How do you remain emotional faithful while single? When I was single I realized that I did (most likely) have a husband somewhere out there. So I acted as if I was married. I treated guys like they were married (I respected their future wives as well, not asking for emotions that didn't belong to me).

Now, when I met my husband we were friends and I tried to treat him like all the other guys, although God was stirring my heart towards him. There were times I just had to step away from a conversation with him.

Once we started to officially date with marriage in mind, I opened my heart to him and vice versa. We started to go deeper on emotional levels and trusted God with our relationship.

Also, I believe that one should not even begin to open those emotions unless you are ready to be married. If you start tapping into those emotions when you have years before you are old enough to get married, you'll just find yourself frustrated and wanting to satisfy your emotional needs outside of God's timing.

The second comment was: "What are your thoughts about emailing casually with a guy? Talking about, say, a school project, sports, movies or random, insignificant stuff?"

I would ask myself: Would I treat him like this if I was married or if he was married? Would I talk about this school project with him if I were married? Maybe, maybe's something you have to ask yourself!

Hope this helps! Keep the comments coming!


Molly said...

Your post gave me some good insights for this part of the journey I'm walking with God. I needed to read that. So thank you!

Emily Faggion said...

Thank you so much! Your insight has been very helpful!

Sara N. Smith said...

I enjoyed reading this post and heartily agree. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned that your heart was being stirred towards your husband... what do you mean by that?

Heather Patenaude said...

It was a stirring of the Holy Spirit towards my husband. I had learned how God revealed/s Himself to me.