Wednesday, January 9, 2008

01/09/08 - God's Goodness!

I have been excited about the young women's conference I am planning in my community.

Last night God provided for us in a major way! We had no budget and out of the blue someone walked up to the other gal who I am planning with and handed her a $2000 check! This person doesn't want to be paid back, but is so supportive of this conference they wanted to help out!

God is so good! When you step out in faith and when you obey God's leading in your life...He WILL provide!

We had no idea how we'd cover all our expenses, but we knew God knew, so we trusted Him.

Then just like that...we had money!

Are you trusting God for a mate? Are you trusting Him to do a work in your marriage? Are you trusting Him for a baby? Are you trusting Him in a relationship?

Then just keep on trusting and keep on walking in obedience! He will take care of all your needs!

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arcee said...

wow, we're on the same page (only i'm a day late!) i wrote about those kinds of issues today on my facebook blog! it's fun to have a kindred spirit in the Lord! :)