Monday, January 7, 2008

01/07/08 - E-mail

I received this e-mail and feel it is worth sharing:

Dear Heather-I just finished your book, Emotional Purity, about an hour ago and I have to say (or rather, shout out) THANK YOU!

This book served as a teaching tool, but also convicted me of the countless hours I spent daydreaming of crushes and neglecting time with my Creator.

I had read many books on purity, but most were focused on physical purity and only brushed the surface of emotional purity (which was the very thing I struggled with). I have never had a boyfriend, but have definitely allowed by mind to stray off into La-La Land about guy friends.

I had felt conviction inside of me for years, but I always ignored it, because I figured I wasn't thinking of anything sinful, so it couldn't be wrong. But I realized how wrong my thinking was through your book. I was spending hours daydreaming about conversations, marriage proposals, and planning every detail of my wedding -- time I should have spent diving in the Word and on my knees in prayer.

I told myself that I trusted God to write my love story, and yet I was daydreaming about how we'd meet, what we'd say, etc. As if God, the Creator, needed my ideas! He is writing a love story more beautiful than anything I -or anyone in Hollywood- could ever think up.

I know He is molding me and my future husband into servants after His heart, and when the right time comes, we will meet.

I thank you so much for your book, for it served to remind me and enlighten me on how important it is to truly guard my heart and mind.

I loved the practicality of the book; there were so many things I could apply into my life in order to pursue a lifestyle of emotional purity. As I was reading the book, I felt as if I was talking to an older sister who was telling of her own mistakes in order to help younger women.

I identified with Tracy, so I learned a lot about past mistakes I made in guy friendships when Tracy's actions were analyzed throughout the book. You shined light on a battle I had been fighting for years, and now I feel much more grounded in the Truth regarding emotional purity.

Thanks again!

Your sister in Christ

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Kaysie said...

Wow. What an amazing testimony of God grace, your faithfulness in writing what God laid on your heart, and the obedience of this sister in Christ for following what God was teaching her.

God is good!