Thursday, January 31, 2008

01/31/08 - Faith Like A Child

Being a mom the statement of Jesus in Matthew 18: 3 has a whole new meaning.

And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."

My two boys never know what is coming in the days ahead. They trust us to take them to fun places, to care for them, feed them, bathe them, bless them with toys, and generally care for their every need.

Never has my son Miles said, "Mom, I am really worried where dinner is going to come from." Or "Mom, I really don't know what my future holds." Or "Dad, am I ever going to get married?!?"

He has pure faith in my husband and me to take care of him, to give him what he needs to a happy, healthy life!

I long for this child-like faith to mulitply in my life with my heavenly Father!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

01/29/08 - I am an adult

I share this at the risk of some of you thinking less of my political involvement, but last night as I was watching the Presidential address I realized, "I am an adult!"

First, I wanted to watch the President.

Second, I understood more than 80% of what he was talking about!

Third, some of it actually applies to my life and family!

Monday, January 28, 2008

01/28/08 - "It's not my fault!"

Last summer we switched over to high speed internet. In doing so, we got a bundled package with phone, cable, and high speed. We did the research and it was about $200 less expensive to have all three, than just high speed only. So we reluctantly got cable.

You have to know we are not a TV family. We watch videos or PBS, but that is about the extent of our TV watching...oh and Chicago Bear Football!

In the 6 months we've had cable we've watched about 3 or 4 shows that would be cable shows.

All of this to say that last night I actually turned on the TV after the boys went to bed. I flipped on TLC to see if there was a "Trading Spaces" or "What Not to Wear" on. But this show, " My Shocking Story: Too young to be this fat" was on.

It showed this 13 year old girl who weight 321 pounds. She was on a journey hoping to have liposuction. She said, "This surgery is the only answer. I can not lose weight. I've tried, but I just can't lose weight."

Throughout the whole program you'd see her eating: french fries, chips, pop (soda or coke for you southern folks!), fried chicken, dessert...just junk food! But she'd say, "I just can't lose weight! I just want them to suck away the fat!"

Then there were these two commercials. The first one was from a lawyer explaining the new bankruptcy laws. He said, "You have get rid of all your bills!"

I said to my husband, "You've got to be kidding, people think you just' get rid of all your bills'"!?!

The next commercial was for a program to help you stop smoking. There were all these testimonials of people who just couldn't quit, till they found this program that told you that it's not your fault.

This woman said, "I was so relieved to find out it wasn't my fault!"

Okay, I just about wanted to reach into the TV and shake the people!

Do we pass the blame for EVERY behavior: how much food we eat, how much money we spend, how we abuse our bodies to smoking?

Reminds me of Adam, "This woman you gave me made me do it!"

As children of God we have to take ownership and responsibility of the things in our life. We are just reaping the harvest of what we've sown in our lives.

After 30 minutes of cable TV, I was reminded why we are going to drop cable after the introductory price is over!

Friday, January 25, 2008

01/25/08 - Chemistry

On my other blog, I asked a question about chemistry in a relationship. I've received about 19 responses and I think you all my find them interesting!

Check it out! Click: HERE!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

01/24/08 - That's not what I wanted!

Yesterday we decided to take out boys to see the new Veggie Tales movie. This was Luke's first movie!

When I heard the boys stirring from their nap, I went up to their bedroom, opened the door, and said, "Who wants to go see Bob and Larry at the movie theater?"

Miles said, "Oh, okay!"

"Bob and Larry? Bob and Larry?" Was all Luke would say.

When we got downstairs Luke started crying, as he walked over to the TV, "Bob and Larry! Bob and Larry."

I tried to explain to an 18 month old, "Luke we have to go-go, get our coats on, and go see Bob and Larry."

This didn't help, "BOB AND LARRY, Peas (his way of saying please)." It was more like, "PEEEAAASSEEE"

"Yes, Lukie we're going to see Bob and Larry, let's get your diaper changed and coat on."

Nothing helped.

So I got him bundled, all the while he was crying for Bob and Larry on the TV. Little did he know that we were going to see a movie. TV was just a 13 inch screen with Bob and Larry in VHS quality! Little did he know that we were going to have a treat at the theater and watch on a huge screen with great quality. This didn't matter, in his mind he wanted Bob and Larry on his TV at home.

As I was getting him in his winter gear I thought, "Aren't we like this with God?!?"

We think we want something (Bob and Larry on a 13 inch TV in VHS quality) and throw a crying fit when we don't get what we think we want! All the while, God has something much better planned for us, we just have to WAIT on Him!

What are you waiting for these days?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

01/23/08 - Prayer for The Standfields

I came across the Standfield's blog last night. Kenize, mom, is headed in to have Maddox today. Maddox has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and Spina Bifida. Please pray for this family!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

01/22/08 - Second cup of coffee

I am on my second cup of coffee. That's a lot for me. Most mornings I don't drink coffee, maybe three times a week. Well, at 5 am my oldest son woke up wet, thirsty, and hungry. So I've been up for almost 4 hours!

It's been a rough week for me. Just a lot of yucky stuff with this rental property we own. Of course, it happens to all be happening in the middle of the coldest spell of the year! Temps over the weekend dipped to -20 wind chill!

In all of this, I am reminded how great I have it! I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about.

God is personal and intimately acquainted in all my ways. He's working in my life and challenging me to be more like Him!

My husband is supportive and loving, even though there are times I feel like I just make things more complicated!

Both of my kids are healthy, happy, and just pure joy!

My social network is strong! I have many friends who'd drop anything to come and help me.

My house is warm and my belly is full! What more can I say!

Monday, January 21, 2008

01/21/08 - Welcoming Love of Christ

In church yesterday, our pastor preached about the "Welcoming Love of God" in our church. He shared our church's vision of a multi-ethnic congergation where all races would feel welcome with the love of Christ.

Our church is in a community that is mixed with many races, although our church is mostly Caucasians. Our pastor shared that a survey was done and only 5% of churches in America are truly multi-ethnic.

Thankfully, I attend a church that is not "okay" with this stat and is working towards making all races feel the welcoming love of God!

Don't we tend to just stick with people we are most like. Whether it be our age group, our race, our convictions, our religion, or our stage of life. Moving outside of that comfort box can be, well...uncomfortable!

Today on this Martin Luther King day, let's remember that we are all God's people. He created us all in His image. No matter your skin color, your home church, your age group, your are created in His image.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

01/19/08 - Interactions

I received this e-mail:

"I have a question I would love for you to blog about: how should we, as young women seeking to keep our hearts and minds pure, interact with young men? I always feel completely awkward and shy, and wind up, usually, completely ignoring them, which isn't treating them like a brother in Christ, either. It's especially difficult for me, because I have no brothers, and don't even have any male cousins around my age that I grew up with! I want to treat them with kindness and courtesy, but I never want to go too far and I don't know how to balance that. Suggestions would be hugely helpful!"

I am so thankful for this e-mail! I know you're alone in feeling confused about how to remain emotionally pure and interact with young men in a God honoring way. I've seen young women just sit in silence around guys because they are unsure in how to interact. Almost as if they are scared of guys.

For some young women this is just their personalities, for others it is coming from fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of your own emotions, fear of what others will think...just plain ol' fear!

Anyone who reads my book or blog knows that I firmly believe that one should guard their emotions for marriage. But, I also believe you can have healthy relationship with members of the opposite sex before marriage.

I think my reader answered her own question: "I want to treat them with kindness and courtesy." This may require you to step out of your comfort zone. Know that just because you ask a young man: "How was your week?" at church doesn't mean you are coming across as a flirt or like a girl who is being aggressive or self-seeking.

Check the motives of your heart. Trust that the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart if you are overstepping any lines that should not be crossed. Trust that the convictions you have to remain emotionally pure, will be strong enough to keep you from going "too far" emotionally.

Now, in saying that, keep accountable. Make sure there is someone in your life who is aware of your desire to be kind and courtesy to young men in your life and is willing to ask those tough, heart seeking questions, like: Is treating him this way causing you to think too much of the relationship?

I hope this helps and please ask away if there is anything I can help clarify!

Friday, January 18, 2008

01/18/08 - Enough

I've listened to this song about 20 times in the last couple of days! It's ministered to my heart! I hope it comforts you as well!

Enough: BarlowGirl

Thursday, January 17, 2008

1/17/08 - How am I doing?

My mind has really been at a loss of what to blog about. Then I checked my comments and Kaysie asked me: How have you been doing? So here's how I am doing:

This has been a long week!

My plate feels a little full, which I tend to keep it as empty as possible because of being a mom and a wife. I feel that those come above everything else!

Right now I am doing the print publicity of our church's play.

I am working on getting promo packets together for the young women's conference. So I've called about 70 churches and have talked to about 35 youth pastors. PHEW! (Thankfully the boys napped three hours today!)

Today the bible study that I lead started up again. It will go for 12 weeks.

We've had some issues with our renter this week, which have been extremely unpleasant and have left me feeling taken advantage of.

Satan has used little things to creep in and annoy me. Last night I tossed and turned for 2 1/2, hours before I feel asleep.

BUT....God has reminded me that He is the Judge, He is my protector, and He is my guide! One of my goals this year was to read the bible with the boys each morning. So we read five verses of the Proverbs of the day!

Yesterday we read, Proverbs 16 and verse 3 jumped out at me: Commit your way to the LORD, and your plans will succeed.

I've committed my marriage, my family, the ministry He's blessed me with, my book, and the different struggles in my life to Him. I trust He will use them for His glory!

Although, it's been a long, draining, tiring week...He's blessed me and He's been faithful!

Kaysie...that's how I am doing!
Thanks for asking!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

01/16/08- Louie Giglio

Last night we watched a DVD by Louie Giglio called: How Great is Our God!

It was very powerful and actually left me speechless (anyone who knows me, knows that doesn't happen a lot ;-))

One of his points was that there is a protein in our body called: Laminin. The function of laminin is to hold us together. Basically it is the glue that keeps us help in one piece!

This is what the structure of Laminin looks like:

Doesn't that give you the chills?!?

God is holding us together, no matter what you're going through He's right there showing off even in your protein cells.

Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

01/15/08 - God's Details

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I heard my husband pump up his side of the bed. We have one of those mattresses that has a sleep number. It is specific to your body and your comfort.

I always tell John that our bed was his best purchase before we got married because our bed is just so comfortable. It fits to your needs and as I gained and lost weight with each pregnancy, I was able to adjust my bed for maximum comfort! It just fits my needs perfectly!

So as John was pumping up his side last night the thought that ran through my mind was how God is a God of detail and how He fits our needs perfectly!

He knows each of us. He knows our "sleep number". He knows what we need, when we need it, and how we need it. He speaks to each of us in a different way. He communicates to us through a song, through a sign in a window we've never seen before, through a random encouraging e-mail from a friend we've not talk to in a long time, through something we see in a movie, or a number of other neat ways.

I love how specific God is! I love that He shows off in those small details! We serve a big God of small details!

Monday, January 14, 2008

01/14/08 - Being Single and Remaning Emotionally Faithful

I received a couple of comments with questions in them, which I enjoy, because then I know what you're thinking!

Here was the first question: "What about while you're in a dating/courting relationship, but not married? It seems that it is easier to define behavior within marriage and being single, but what about that middle area?"

How do you remain emotional faithful while single? When I was single I realized that I did (most likely) have a husband somewhere out there. So I acted as if I was married. I treated guys like they were married (I respected their future wives as well, not asking for emotions that didn't belong to me).

Now, when I met my husband we were friends and I tried to treat him like all the other guys, although God was stirring my heart towards him. There were times I just had to step away from a conversation with him.

Once we started to officially date with marriage in mind, I opened my heart to him and vice versa. We started to go deeper on emotional levels and trusted God with our relationship.

Also, I believe that one should not even begin to open those emotions unless you are ready to be married. If you start tapping into those emotions when you have years before you are old enough to get married, you'll just find yourself frustrated and wanting to satisfy your emotional needs outside of God's timing.

The second comment was: "What are your thoughts about emailing casually with a guy? Talking about, say, a school project, sports, movies or random, insignificant stuff?"

I would ask myself: Would I treat him like this if I was married or if he was married? Would I talk about this school project with him if I were married? Maybe, maybe's something you have to ask yourself!

Hope this helps! Keep the comments coming!

Friday, January 11, 2008

01/11/08 - Emotional Faithfulness

Yes, two blogs in one day!

I receive a lot of hits on my blog from people who are searching: emotional affairs, emotional affairs and the church, Christian emotional affair, woman in emotional affairs.

The more I think about this issue and talk to others about this issue, the more I see the importance of talking about emotional faithfulness.

What does it mean to be emotional faithful? My definition would be that a husband and wife see and value the importance of being each others emotional outlet. They'd see that those emotional needs that they have, should only be satisfied by their mate and no one else.

Remaining emotionally faithful is putting your mates emotional needs first and not looking outside of marriage to find emotional satisfaction.

If you are trying to hide a "friendship" from your mate, chances are you are crossing over into the emotional affairs ground. If you find yourself looking for emotional satisfaction outside of marriage, then again you are treading on the grounds of emotional affairs.

If you are single, remaining emotionally faithful, means you are waiting on God to provide the mate. You are keeping your heart free of entanglements, keeping emotions pure, and trusting God. It's remaining emotionally faithful before you even meet your spouse!

01/11/08 - Phew

Okay, I am think a bit clearer today! God is providing for the young women's conference that I am planning.

I posted two days ago about the $2000 check someone handed us! Well, yesterday we were given $500 and the mayor of our town heard about it and wants to send money for the young women to have scholarships!

This is just making my head spin.

I remember the first time that Anne and I met to plan the conference we said, "We'll just trust God for the money."

It was as simple as that!

How I wish I could trust God so easily with other things in my life. Do you find yourself struggling with totally trusting?

God is showing off and I just love it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

01/10/08 - Brain Overload

Right now I am on brain overload trying to get some major tasks done!

My blog will have to be on hold!

Check out some of the blogs on my blogroll, there's always a host of encouragement from those sites!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

01/09/08 - God's Goodness!

I have been excited about the young women's conference I am planning in my community.

Last night God provided for us in a major way! We had no budget and out of the blue someone walked up to the other gal who I am planning with and handed her a $2000 check! This person doesn't want to be paid back, but is so supportive of this conference they wanted to help out!

God is so good! When you step out in faith and when you obey God's leading in your life...He WILL provide!

We had no idea how we'd cover all our expenses, but we knew God knew, so we trusted Him.

Then just like that...we had money!

Are you trusting God for a mate? Are you trusting Him to do a work in your marriage? Are you trusting Him for a baby? Are you trusting Him in a relationship?

Then just keep on trusting and keep on walking in obedience! He will take care of all your needs!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

01/08/08 - Prayer


We come before you today, this moment, to ask for your grace to be poured out in our lives. We ask that you bless us with peace and joy that only comes from you.

Lord cause our lives to be lived in such a way that others want to know what we have that they may not have and that is You Lord, we have You! May our lives be a testimony of your goodness and faithfulness. We long to please you with our lives.

I pray for the readers of my book and blog, Lord, I ask that they come here and are refreshed. That they see your love, grace and hope throughout everything I say. I ask that you bless them with the peace to wait fully on your timing.

Lord, I pray for those who are lukewarm in their faith. I ask that you cause the Spirit to stir in them a desire to be all that You want them to be. I pray that they see the shallowness of not being totally sold out, of not being willing to do what You ask of them and the fact that they are selling themselves short of Your blessings.

Thank you Lord for being all knowing, all powerful and so gracious. I thank You for the way You deal with Your children, so gently and patiently!

Praise You Lord above!

Monday, January 7, 2008

01/07/08 - E-mail

I received this e-mail and feel it is worth sharing:

Dear Heather-I just finished your book, Emotional Purity, about an hour ago and I have to say (or rather, shout out) THANK YOU!

This book served as a teaching tool, but also convicted me of the countless hours I spent daydreaming of crushes and neglecting time with my Creator.

I had read many books on purity, but most were focused on physical purity and only brushed the surface of emotional purity (which was the very thing I struggled with). I have never had a boyfriend, but have definitely allowed by mind to stray off into La-La Land about guy friends.

I had felt conviction inside of me for years, but I always ignored it, because I figured I wasn't thinking of anything sinful, so it couldn't be wrong. But I realized how wrong my thinking was through your book. I was spending hours daydreaming about conversations, marriage proposals, and planning every detail of my wedding -- time I should have spent diving in the Word and on my knees in prayer.

I told myself that I trusted God to write my love story, and yet I was daydreaming about how we'd meet, what we'd say, etc. As if God, the Creator, needed my ideas! He is writing a love story more beautiful than anything I -or anyone in Hollywood- could ever think up.

I know He is molding me and my future husband into servants after His heart, and when the right time comes, we will meet.

I thank you so much for your book, for it served to remind me and enlighten me on how important it is to truly guard my heart and mind.

I loved the practicality of the book; there were so many things I could apply into my life in order to pursue a lifestyle of emotional purity. As I was reading the book, I felt as if I was talking to an older sister who was telling of her own mistakes in order to help younger women.

I identified with Tracy, so I learned a lot about past mistakes I made in guy friendships when Tracy's actions were analyzed throughout the book. You shined light on a battle I had been fighting for years, and now I feel much more grounded in the Truth regarding emotional purity.

Thanks again!

Your sister in Christ

Friday, January 4, 2008

01/04/08 - Aggressive Girls

One complaint I recently have heard is how aggressive girls are these days. They don't take no for an answer, they call non-stop, they flirt for attention and they make sure they are getting attention from a guy they like.

How many of you know a girl who is just over the top with her flirting towards a guy? She knows how to be loud and obnoxious with men, and calls it flirting!

Guys read Proverbs 5 & 7...this is the woman to avoid.
Read Proverbs 31...this is the woman to find!

Girls ask yourself if you are a type of girl who flirts, is not happy unless a guy is giving you attention or just simply likes when the guys in a group are paying attention to you and not another girl? Ask yourself if you get annoyed at another girl who is getting more attention than you? Are you aggressive with guys? Or do you let them lead?

Being a woman who patiently waits for God is a rare jewel!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

01/03/08 - Brokenhearted

Over the holidays I had one too many brokenhearted conversations with friends. Courtships gone awry, relationship dreams dashed, frustration at being single, and confusion about "friendships".

Psalm 34:18
The LORD is close to the brokenhearted
and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 147:3
He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.

I am praying for you! I am praying for those who are crushed in their spirit, who are brokenhearted, and who are crying out to God for peace, healing, and joy!

There are times I wish I could go get coffee with each of you and encourage your heart, face to face! My prayer is that you are blessed and encourage through my writing! Love to you all!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

01/02/08 - 2008

What am I looking forward to in 2008?

I asked you all this question, so I thought I'd share my answer!

I look forward to see who He brings together for marriage.

I look forward to new babies being born this year.

I look forward to watching my boys learn more about God.

I look forward to Meant For More and watching God put this young women's conference together.

I look forward to deepening friendships and relationships.

I look forward to watching more people grasp emotional purity in their lives!

I look forward to spending countless hours at the park this summer with a 2 and 3 year old.

I look forward to celebrating 5 years of marriage! (How did that go so fast!?!)

I look forward to ministering to the members of my Sunday School class.

I look forward to getting to know my readers better.

I look forward to growing in my own personal Christ likeness.

I look forward to being challenge to purify myself even more.

Lord willing I will be able to enjoy all these things!