Monday, December 31, 2007

12/31/07 - A look back, a look ahead

Today is a day to review 2007 and prepare for 2008! Most of us, at some point today, will have a conversation with someone about New Year's Resolutions!

If you are a fan of New Year's Resolutions or not, ask yourself this: What can I do in 2008 to grow in my Christ likeness?

This is a resolution worth basing your actions upon everyday!

This year I have seen God continue to peel away layers in my own life that do not bring Him glory. I have seen Him convict me of the little actions in life that tarnish His work in my life. It's exciting when God is at work in our lives and we can see it!

My prayer for myself and for you, is that 2008 will be a year that you grow more Christlike!

Happy 2008!!

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