Thursday, December 13, 2007

12/13/07 - Christmas Blues

Do you have the Christmas blues? Are you wishing for a family of your own, a family to start your own traditions with? Are you wondering when it will be your turn?

I remember holidays were a hard time of year. I mean, I love Christmas, but it would just make me long for my husband, having kids, and having my own Christmas tree and traditions. I especially struggled with waiting patiently this time of year.

Last night my husband and I were out on a date! I was telling him how I used to get so blue around Christmas. I told him how I always wondered when it was going to be my turn. He said, "Well, it's your turn now!"

Let me encourage you that he was worth the wait. I wish I could say I waited more patiently for him! God's timing is perfect and even though I had some Christmas blues along the way, God showed Himself faithful.


Kaysie said...

Wow...thanks so much for this post.
I am like you in that the holidays are kinda a hard time to be patient for a future husband and family. But hearing your words of encouragement really help. Thanks.

In Christ,

Captures by Dorothy said...

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement!!! It means alot when you think about it and your wait is over already.. Thank you again and GOd bless you.

sarahjoy327 said...

i agree...thank you so much for this encouragement. the holiday season has been very difficult for me as i long to have a husband and a family of my own. seems like everyone around me is engaged which can be discouraging especially at this time of year. but my turn is coming! ;)