Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12/12/07 - Good Works

Lately, the discussion of "good works" has come up with a few different friends, church members..etc.

I know there is the idea that if I do enough good things in life, I'll have a ticket into heaven. Or if I am just a good person, that's entrance into the pearly gates!

However, there are no amount of good things we can do to earn a ticket into heaven. We can never be good enough! It's a free gift of God's grace that we are allowed to enter into heaven. It's through the work of the cross.

When you truly understand what Christ did on the cross, you can only help but respond with an intense desire to serve, enjoy, and please God all the days of your life.

If you're struggling with being sold out for God, ask yourself if you really understand your eternal state of being without Christ?

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The Difference Now said...

Amen to this post! So many people think they can "earn" a spot to heaven. They don't understand that THAT'S what so great about this gift He has given us! What a true blessing! It shows how truly amazing God's love is, and how blessed we are to be His children. It's the best gift ever.