Friday, November 23, 2007

11/23/07 - Black Friday

Let the Christmas season begin!

I was listening to the radio this morning and by 8:30 or so, the parking lots were FULL at our local outlet mall...FULL! At midnight stores were open at another outlet mall and I knew someone who got stuck in traffic going there ~ at midnight!

My parents were out the door by 5 am in quest of a new bed! Mom said that the Wal-Mart parking lot was FULL by 5:30 am!

People on the radio were talking about all the stuff they're buying for their kids, I-Pods, laptops, gadgets, and trinkets.

Honestly, it just makes me weary to hear about: stuff, shopping, parking, driving, traffic! I look around my house and although we aim to live a simple life, we still have toys, books, CD's, DVD's, and other odds and ends. We have stuff and the thought of adding more makes me weary!

We've committed to buying three gifts per child for Christmas (plus stocking stuffers). We hope that this will eliminate the frenzied, gift-focused, holiday most people experience. I want my kids to know that this season is about God, His gift to us, and our response to Him.

If you're a Black Friday shopper or not, I pray that as this Christmas season is upon us, your focus in our Lord and Savior and his RICH blessings!


Marissa Whitney said...

Our Christmas is pretty simple. Mom and Dad just get us each about $20-25/kid (usually something we need), and we just (usually go togther to) get/make one another something simple, too. To me, Christmas time is about thanking God for His Gift to us, and spending time with and being a blessing to family.

But yes, we do go Black Friday shopping, though try to steer clear of Wal-Mart that day. ; )

Kaysie said...

This is my first time to visit your blog, and I have really enjoyed it!
A year or so ago, I read your book and God taught me so much through it. Thank you for writing it. :) It has a message that so many need to hear.

About Christmas and the hustle, I do agree with you! In the world, Christmas is just about the "stuff" we get and not Jesus. And it is a struggle for many, including me, to stay focused on the reason for the season.
Thank you for an inspiring post!

In Christ,

arcee said...

i think what you teach your children is key in keeping them fixed on "the author and perfecter of our faith"...presents are fun, holiday music and decorations can be lovely, but ultimately, this is supposed to be all about remembering HIM! :)