Monday, November 12, 2007

11/12/07 - Dating Question

I do have a blog that I started on Xanga, before I switched over to Blogspot. Someone stopped by there and asked me this question:

"I have a question for you, and that is about how you and your to-be-husband acted while you were still dating/courting. Did you hold hands? How did you decided what was right and what was wrong as you slowly became more committed to each other?"

First of all, John and I dated with intention for 5 weeks before we were engaged. We were engaged only 3 months. So it's not like we had this long, drawn out process.

We did hold hands and kiss before we were married. He'd put his arm around me and we'd cuddle on the couch.

However, we had guidelines that we followed. We did spend time alone, but again those guidelines helped us, plus we were both VERY committed to physical purity before marriage.

I think a couple should establish this area of their relationship from day one. John and I talked about kissing (when we would kiss) and holding hands the night we started dating. We knew where we were headed from the very beginning.

I hope this helps. I understand that there are some reading who believe is saving the first kiss for the alter and I believe that each couple has to do what God calls them to!


Angela Gifford said...

Did you wait until you were engaged to have an emotional relationship? I'm curious how that works. :D

That girl from Xanga said...

wow. that is amazingly fast. It my good friend 2 years of "hunting" as he calls it to convince me to date him.

Then we really only started because my father kinda gently pushed me into a "once a month" dating thing for 6 months (basically we were still just friends-- nobody knew about our "looking") with 1 day a month where we hung out just the two of us and talked about more "secret" things)

We've been dating (going steady) 2 ish months now and we only just this last week "cuddled" really...

I guess a large difference is I'm younger than you were :) I'm still in college (just starting actually) and still trying to figure out what God is doing with me! (I'm with you on the never casual dating thing... and yet. I don't know)