Friday, November 9, 2007

11/09/07 - Life's little undone things

My mom wrote on her blog about some of the lessons that God has been teaching her with things in her life.

My mom is an apron wearer. She loves aprons with big pockets, so that when she finds something in one place in her house that belongs in another, she can put it in the pocket till she puts the item back in it's proper home.

One example she shared was how she left a spool of thread in her apron pocket, and then washed the apron. The thread wrapped itself around all the other clothes, which she had to spend time fixing.

The lesson I gained from this "tiny" misstep, is that in life there are little undone things: things that God has called us to do, that we don't. Things we know we should say, but we don't. Things we know we should do for someone, but don't. When these things are left undone, they can cause a bigger mess down the road!

These little undone things can turn into big problems when they're not taking care of in the first place!


Anonymous said...

Guess I'm still teaching you, even in my mistakes! XO

Judy said...

Oh! That is too sadly true!!