Tuesday, November 6, 2007

11/06/05 - Sick Kiddos

These past two 1/2 weeks I have been dealing with sick kids. It started when we went on our mini-vacation. Both boys got runny noses and colds. Then Luke's turned into a cough. I thought he was teething, because that is his normal mode of operation with teething.

Well, last Friday he was really sick and hot! He had a high fever, so I took him to the doctor, which was a first for me (taking a sick kid to the doctor that is). He had an ear infection! So off to Target for medicine.

Luke was just starting to feel better, when yesterday about 3 pm, Miles started throwing up! All over himself, me, in my hands, in a bowl...just everywhere! Till about 8 pm. He slept in bed with me!

This morning he is not himself, but he's keeping food and drink down! Phew!

Needless to say, I have not gotten much sleep the past couple of weeks!

Please pray for my boys! Thanks!

Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with some insights!

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arcee said...

Hope they will be fully healed very soon! I love those guys! :) They are precious...
Here's a comment from a book I'm reading on single women that might be of interest to you...
"...I've often wondered if straight, attractive, single women with an unfulfilled desire for marriage scare people...perhaps we are an awkward reminder that all is not right with the world." --
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