Friday, November 2, 2007

11/02/07 - Emotional Affairs

I did a Google search on the subject: how to break free of an emotional affair, for todays post. I had a hard time finding information on what to do to break free of an emotional affair. There were lots of site on how to break free of a physical affair.

Although, I do agree that some of the same methods of breaking free can be used for a physical or emotional affair, I believe an emotional affair is more of a gray area for people. With physical contact outside of marriage, one can clearly know when the line has been crossed.

With an emotional affair the line can be a bit more shady.

If you find yourself being emotionally turned on or emotionally attracted to a person who is not your mate and acting upon that feeling, chances are high you are in an emotional affair.

Breaking free will require you to cut off this person: ENTIRELY!

If it is someone at work, then you may have to change positions, block e-mails, change your lunch hour, or ask to move to a different location in your office.

If it is a person in ministry with you, then invest your energy in another ministry, bring along your mate when you are doing your work in this ministry, take a break from that ministry, or refuse to talk to this person privately or over the phone.

If this is person is someone you met on-line, then cut off all communication, refuse to visit a private chat room with this person, go to bed with your mate to avoid the temptation of being on-line late at night, or move your computer to a more central location in your house.

It may be difficult to break free from this emotional support, but turn to God when you are struggling. Seek Him fully! He WILL give you the support you need.

Find a confidant to share your struggle with! Be HONEST, with yourself and the other person.

It may be emotionally draining to break free. You may feel like it is just too hard, but ask yourself if your marriage is worth is? Is your family worth the work it may take?

If you have found all your emotional support from this person, you may feel completely lost at times, but break free long enough to get a clear perspective on how this relationship is effect every aspect of your life: spiritually, physically and emotionally.

I've shared this article before, but it's worth re-posting: I've Had an Emotional Affair!

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Anonymous said...

What if you're not married, but you've become emotionally attached to someone you know you're not going to marry? Is it possible to break the attachment without destroying the friendship with him and his family?

Heather Paulsen said...

Anonymous...I will address this tomorrow! Very good question!