Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10/30/07 - Selfish vs. selfless Love

I received this in an e-mail a few days ago and I think it is worth sharing:

"I believe that the love I had for a particular guy was selfish love. I wasn't truly thinking of him but of myself. I wanted him to love me the same way I loved him. I wanted him to give only myself attention and not give any other girl attention. This I believe was selfish love."

"God has be impressing my heart that I need to have selfless love. I need to love him as a brother-in-Christ. I need to want the best for him. If some other girl will complement his character better or work with him better in God's plan for his life then so be it. Is that the kind of love God wants us to have towards our brothers-in-Christ?"

What an important love lesson to learn!

When you are considering someone, ask yourself if you are being selfish or selfless. It will benefit you both greatly!

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Micaela said...

wow Heather--thanks for that. It was very convicting.