Friday, October 26, 2007

10/26/07 - BarlowGirl

Alyssa, Heather, Becca and Lauren

Last night I had the chance to go to see BarlowGirl! What a great concert, but even better was to have a chance to talk to the three sisters after the show.

I have to tell you these three sisters are down to earth, God honoring, God seeking, followers of Christ. Their message of purity is powerful! Their message of modest is needed! Their love for the Lord is evident!

What was awesome, was the chance to be mutually encouraged in our ministries. These girls are walking the walk! Their hearts are just as beautiful as they are!

May God bless Becca, Alyssa and Lauren in their ministry to His children!

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Anonymous said...

Hey H, I just realized the girls there are about the age we were when we first met them! Wow, that was a fast 9 years or so!
Love ya, C