Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10/23/07 - Looking for my lost money

On Sunday I went looking for some money to pay a friend. I had about 85 dollars in cash from last week and I thought I put it where we always put our cash.

I looked there, not there! I looked in my purse, not there! I started thinking about the last time I had this money. Hum?! I had it in my pocket, so I looked in my jeans, not there! I thought maybe it fell out of my jeans in my car, not there! Maybe it was "eaten" by my couch, I flipped the couch over and not there! Maybe it fell in my closet when I folded my jeans up. I took every peice of clothes out of my closet to look for the money, not there!

After much searching and much prayer, I felt defeted. I went to bed.

I woke up yesterday and was reminded that I am missing this money. I searched my house high and low, again. I called my sister to see if she remembers seeing what I did with it. My mom stopped by (to say goodbye because she's leaving for the week) and she helped me look for it, still couldn't find it!

I called the last place I was at, just to see if anyone turned in the money, of course not!

I gave up!

Then my son asked me, "Mommy do you want a drink of water?" I said, "No, I want to find my money."

Just then I looked over at this shelf in our livingroom. I searched the bowl on the shelf, but there was this DVD box I hadn't looked under. I picked up the box and there was the money!

Then it all came back to me! I put the money on this shelf, then Friday when I cleaned I moved this DVD box right on top of the cash!

Of course, God always gives me a picture of Him in situations like this.

Do I search for God this much? Do I make it my number one priority? Am I not satisifed until I find Him? Do I inlist people to help me seek Him? Do I search Him whole hearted? Do I search for Him like lost money? This is how I am to search Him, daily!

I pray for myself and for my readers that we will seek God with our whole hearts!

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