Friday, October 12, 2007

10/12/07 - Honesty (part 2)

Yesterday, I talked about honesty in a relationship and I got a comment looking for more on this subject.

Christian marriages should point people to God. They should reflect Christ and the church. (Eph. 5). In reflecting Christ and the church, this should begin at the beginning of a relationship.

If a guy and girl are in an undefined emotional relationship, then this reflecting is very hard to do. We never have a time of being ambiguous with God. Or shall I say He is never ambiguous with us! He sets up clear intentions! He doesn't hid His feelings for us, or keep us guessing.

Now you may say, "Well, how do you know that this will friendship will lead to a marriage relationship, so why should we try to reflect Christ and the church?"

If you are in a relationship where there is an emotional connection, then you have to be upfront with your intentions. You don't have a choice. It comes down to having emotional integrity with your sisters (or brothers) in the Lord.

You may need to have a good DTR (define the relationship) conversation with a girl you are friends with. Being honest will allow for the greatest amount of freedom, in your friendships.

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Joseph said...

I actually had a girlfriend who used the term "DTR" a year or two ago. I had never heard of it before. Come to find out it is a common term- just used mostly among women. I was thinking about why there was a term for that type of thing.

Do you think it is because it is necessary? or,
Do you think the term exists because women want it and frequently do not get it? or,
Do you have another opinion on its prevelance?