Thursday, October 11, 2007

10/11/07 - Honesty

All too often I hear from young women who are in a "relationship"/friendship with a young man where they are physical, spiritual, and emotional, yet the guy doesn't publicly recognize her as his girlfriend.

This gets my blood boiling!

Why? You ask!

This is just clear as day that the guy is using the girl. He is using her to have his needs met, without having to have any commitment. He is still on the market and he is not having to have the responsibility of having a commitment.

Guys have been known to use excuses: "I am just not ready to go public with this?" "I really need to focus on God and if this gets out it will shift my focus." "Isn't this more fun being a secret?"

These are just excuses to use a young lady! When two people commit to date with the purpose of marriage in mind, there should be no reason to keep it a secret! I remember the night my husband and I started dating, said he wanted to go to the highest point in our town and shout it to the whole world.

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Anna said...

I agree. Guys need to respect girls by being up-front about their intentions.

Joseph said...

I am interested to hear more on what you have to say on this. Would your book be an appropriate place to start?