Tuesday, October 9, 2007

10/09/07 - Speaking Overview

Thank you all for your prayers yesterday. I sure felt them!

Yesterday, was one of those days with my kids that left me feeling wiped out. It's as if they knew I had to go speak last night.

An hour before I left I was trying to figure out if the talk I had written was really the talk I should give. I pulled out my normal talk and looked it over. Thankfully, I had a 25 minute ride to the church. I did a great deal of praying and calming down after my crazy mommy day.

I took this road that I didn't mean to take, which meant that I was going to have to turn left on a very busy road and this was during rush hour! I thought, "UGH! Heather pay attention. Lord, please clear the road for me so I don't have to wait and wait to turn left."

I pulled up to the intersection and it was totally clear. There was not a car to the left or right. I laughed and said, "God if you can take care of traffic on this road, I totally trust that You know what I am to share tonight!" I had total peace.

Here was my dilemma from last night. I was speaking to a homeschool mom's group, yet teens had been invited. So, my talk was geared towards mom's, with a dash of talking to the teens.

I got there and there were so many teenagers that showed up. There were far more teens than moms! My friend Lori was there with me and I said, "I have no idea which talk to give!" Really, 10 minutes before I spoke I had no idea what I was going to do.

So, I got up to speak and laid out both talks and just went for it. I'd share a little from this talk, then a little from that talk and back and forth! I touched on all the points I wanted to talk about: purity, integrity, emotional affairs, the blessings of emotional purity, and how teens should treat each other to maintain emotional purity.

Praise the Lord because the response was overwhelming and positive!

Thanks again for praying, I needed it and felt them!

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sethswifeforlife said...

Praise the Lord, Heather! God cares about the smallest details in our lives, and He is amazing! Glad it went well!