Thursday, October 4, 2007

10/04/07 - Tagged

I got tagged by The Difference Now and I will share 8 random facts about myself!

1) I love english muffins with peanut butter and honey-nut cream cheese, I could eat them every morning!

2) I have lived in: Alabama (was born there), Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin and Colorado.

3) I love going to bed by 9:00 pm.

4) I have an oval shaped diamond engaged on Easter, so it's shaped like an Easter egg ;-)

5) Yesterday, I changed four poopy diapers.

6) I'm not very crafty and I really don't like to bake.

7) I've moved 17 times in my life! Hopefully, we'll stay put for awhile!

8) I never take off my earrings, unless I am changing them, I always wear silver loops.


I read this quote on my friends' facebook page:

"Dance with God and He'll let the right guy cut in."

Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me!

1 comment:

The Difference Now said...

I love this quote! God does let the right guy cut in!