Monday, October 1, 2007

10/01/07 - Why?

I got a message on my facebook account from this gal who said:

"We (her friend and herself) are trying to just seek God first and be content but it is really hard. Especially with so many people around seeming to find a guy without any effort. I am convinced that it has to do with priorities. It seems that those for whom it is not a great priority to find a spouse they seem to find someone without any problems but those who really want it have to wait and wait and wait..."

I love her honesty! When I was single I'd say that those who don't want to get married, get married and those who really want to get married have to wait and wait and wait!

Why? Why does this seem to be the way God operates?

Who knows the mind of God? Not me!! But I can say this, God will use whatever He wants to draw us close to Him. He is give us (place on our hearts) a desire and then ask us to trust in His perfect timing!

You may have friends no desire to get married and then end up married. I guarantee they have other things that God uses to draw them closer to Him. It's all about total dependence upon the Father. Each of our paths will look different, but contentment is what we are all striving for!

Be encouraged today that God is using things in your life to draw you to Him!

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