Friday, September 28, 2007

09/28/07 - Secrets

What secrets are you keeping? Are you keeping secrets from your kids, your mate, your parents? Some secrets should be kept, but some secrets should be confessed.

When a secret is concealed it can start having power over you. You fear this secret, thus it has power. It can cause you to behave a certain way and push people away. Secrets can cause strife in families, relationships, church ministries, and marriages.

A friend of mine was sharing with me recently how speaking her secret has broken the power the secret has had over her. It has been freeing. She wrote: "Something I have learned recently is that when we talk about our struggles and private pains, they start to lose the power they have over us. Getting those words out creates space in our hearts for true healing."

The bible says we are to "bear each other's burdens" (Galatians 6:2) and how can we do this if we never speak our burdens to each other?

What secrets are clogging up space in your life? May God give you the grace and courage to free yourself of the power of secrets.

This week Nancy Leigh DeMoss did a week long radio program on secrets: Revive Our Hearts

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