Tuesday, September 25, 2007

09/25/07 - God's Timing

When I was single I questioned God's timing. I was 28, single, wondering if I'd ever get married. I thought, "Who'd marry the girl who wrote Emotional Purity, anyway!?!"

Just a year before, when I was 27, my parents bought a house with an apartment upstairs. My two older sisters (Colleen 29, Lesli 28) and I moved in to that apartment because we were all convinced that we were not getting married.

Three months later my sister Colleen met her husband Steve, she was married 11 months later. A year after we moved in I met my husband and we were married 10 months after we met (we were friends for 6 months, dated for 4). My sister Lesli already knew her husband, but they didn't get married till last summer (they didn't date until four months before they were married, they just knew each other).

God's timing is always perfect. God knows what works best for us. We're on His clock, He's not on ours. It may be hard to wait on His timing, but when you look back you'll see that it was truly THE perfect time.


Momma Amy said...

Amen! We rarely know what the plan is, but all we NEED to know is that it is God's plan!

Desia said...

I don't know how you found out we bought your book?! It is considered "just for fun" because it was not part of the curriculum we bought.(In case you thought differently!)
I think it is a well-written absolutely must-read book for unmarrieds and parents of any-age children, and written in a non-preachy style too. I must confess that I didn't finish reading it, I was about halfway (but did cheat and read about how you met your husband!) when our 18-year old daughter came to visit, she left today and I gave the book to her to read. We are expecting it back, so that I can finish reading it and Youngest Daughter (15) can also read it.
It is definitely a "serious" book that I hope many are reading.