Monday, September 24, 2007

09/24/07 - Romance Novels/Movies

I received these questions in an e-mail:

"I was wondering your views on the dangers of such romance (novels and movies). Is too much, or any, dangerous because they feed wrong and distorted views of love? Is some ever okay in a small amount, or does it ever differ after you marry? Do you find there's any difference between the so-called "Christian" romance novels vs. the regular ones?"

I have not read a romance novel in years! Why? Because I remember reading them and being very discontent with being single. Even Janette Oak books caused me to long for something I didn't have (and her books are very clean and wholesome). Plus, they gave me a false idea of what was romance. By the way, God's idea of real romance is far more exciting than anything you can read in a book!

I do remember in my early 20's thinking, "I should at least read one romance non-Christian novel in my life." Why, who knows!?! I don' think I got through the second or third chapter, it was awful.

As women, we are emotional, we're in love with romance, relationships, love, and everything associated with those areas. Reading romance novels can cause someone to be very discontent with being single. If someone is unhappy in their marriage, they may compare their husband to these men in the romance novels who say the perfect thing (they say the perfect thing because they are written by emotional women!)

Can I say a blanket answer for each women? No. But,I would warn women that romance novels can be just as dangerous in our lives as pornography is for men. Hope this helps!


Rachel said...

Hi! I received your book a couple years ago as a present. It's one of the best books I've read. I've lent it out the past few summers to some girl friends, and even know guys that have read it :o)

Anyways, I completely agree with what you said about romance novels. I just read my "last one" yesterday. Sure, it was a good, clean book, but it makes me long for what God hasn't seen fit to give me yet. I know God has the perfect man for me and the perfect timing, but reading those books makes me constantly ask God why? Why not me? I'm 24, so, yes, I'm still waiting :)

Your book is an ecouragement and a help! Glad I found your blog.

Sharon said...

Hi there,
I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that you're not alone in your stand! My parents believe the exact same thing, and even though I see my friends reading it and "loving it", yes, it is the women's equal to pornography for men.
Thank you for writing and publishing your book! I love it and it is proclaimed by my parents as a MUST READ in our family. It's great!