Friday, September 21, 2007

09/21/07 - Emotional Adultery

My publisist sent me this interesting article and it's worth sharing because it shows how Christian's view emotional affairs.

Emotional Adultery is a Sin According to Poll

/Christian Newswire/ --, the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, recently asked, "Have you ever emotionally cheated on your spouse?"

President of ChristiaNet, Bill Cooper, stated, "The Bible seems clear that if a spouse commits adultery in their heart, then it is just as sinful as committing the physical act." Half of those surveyed have claimed that they never emotionally cheated on their spouses.

Out of 800 Christians that responded to the survey, 50% stated that they do not believe they have ever cheated emotionally or physically. The most common response was that they felt, "The Bible says emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating." Others responded with comments such as, "I love my spouse and I would never want to hurt him like that; I took marriage vows." Many survey takers in this group were not married and had never been, so their answer was a definite, "no."

Thirty seven percent of pollers say they have cheated on their spouses emotionally. The most common reason given was because of loneliness, "I am sad and lonely in my marriage." Other survey takers felt that their spouses neglected them and didn't appreciate them. One poller stated, "My husband is never home, and even when he is, he pays no attention to me." Some have been physically abused or cheated on themselves. "I was cheated on first, so I got back at him," was another response to the question.

Twelve percent of Christians who answered were unsure of the meaning of the question. This is shown with comments such as, "I don't understand what emotional adultery is?" Other Believers were unsure because they did not understand the meaning of the word emotional, "Does emotional mean like going on the Internet?" Survey takers that claimed to be unsure were also confused about the marital vows they took and where the emotional promise to be faithful is verbalized. One poller confirmed this by stating, "I took marriage vows to be physically faithful, not emotionally. I can't control every thought that comes into my head."

That last comment I highlighted. Yes, you can take your thoughts captive, through the power of Jesus. Learning this while you are single will greatly aid when you are married!

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