Wednesday, September 19, 2007

09/19/07 - Singing

The other night my boys were at the kitchen table singing Sunday school songs.

"The B I B L E, yes, that's the book for me."

"Tick tock, hear the clock, now it's time to pray."

Then they sang a song that is new to me, but my mother-in-law sang it to my husband when he was a little boy:

"Read your bible, pray every day, pray every day, pray every day. Read your bible, pray every day and you'll grow, grow, grow."

There's cute little hand jesters that go with this song. Luke, my 14 month old, started doing the grow, grow, grow hand movements and said (in his one year old way of speaking): gro, gro, gro.

Then I thought to myself, "What truth in these songs, what timeless, lifelong truths they are singing"

When I am in the Word (and I mean in the word, studing, meditating, and applying it to my life)and praying, God does bless me with growth. I may not see it on a daily basis, but I am growing, learning, and experience His peace.

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