Monday, September 17, 2007

09/17/07 - Life's Detours

This past weekend I went to Door Co. Wisconsin, for a women's retreat with my home church. It was a time of spiritual renewal and a place to met God in the quietness of the day. I feel spiritual renewed and full.

I rode up there (about a five hour drive) with my two friends: Lori and Heather. We enjoyed just chatting and talking without kids to interrupt. Lori was driving and she has driven up to camp often, so we didn't pay too much attention to the surrounds because the road we were on should have taken us to camp.

All of the sudden we see a sign: Road Closed 500 feet ahead. Road closed? What are we to do? A couple of other cars turned to the right and we followed behind. We rolled down the window and talked to the couple in the car in front of us, we were all clueless! The couple had a GPS so we were going to follow them.

After his system recalculated our position, we followed him and it only took about 2 minutes to get back on the road we were suppose to be on!

Made me think about life. We're all on a road, maybe to a specific goal, maybe just on a road going where ever the road leads. So many of us are in cruise control, just driving along. Then we hit a road closed sign (there were detour signs we just all missed them!) and we are stuck, not knowing what to do.

Sometimes God brings along someone to guide us using His GPS: the Bible. Once we got back on the right path, we all are more aware of what was going on around us.

Are you on cruise control? Or are you actively engaged in what is happening around you, paying attention and using God's "GPS" to guide your path?

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Princess said...

I never thought of it like that...Cruise Control. It is almost like day dreaming when you are supposed to be taking notes on something. You go in & out of alertness. I really love your blog. I am new to blogging & I am thankful to have found such a large Christian Community.
God Bless,