Friday, September 14, 2007

09/14/07 - Praying

I really enjoy praying for those of you who read my blog and/or my book. I love getting e-mails, because then I know what to pray for and I can put names in my prayers.

If you are struggling in the area of emotional purity or there is another issue you'd like prayer for, please e-mail me and know you will be prayed for.

Later today I will be leaving for the weekend. This is the first time I will leave my husband alone with both boys! It's taken me about five days to get ready to go! I'll be home Sunday. So, I'll see you all on Monday! Have a blessed weekend!

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Matthew said...

I have a few female friends who seem to put all their emotions into a relatiosnhip before it really even starts. Tehn when they get hurt a few days later because nothing came like they hoped it would, I am the ear they speak to and the shoulder they cry on. What are things I can suggest to them or say to them to help them stop doing this