Thursday, September 13, 2007

09/13/07 - Emotional Intimacy

In my book there is one chapter dedicated to this topic of emotional intimacy.

What is emotional intimacy?

It's being intimate with someone on an emotional level. It's connecting with someone on a heart level. We have all been emotional intimate with someone, at some point in our life. When you are emotionally intimate with another person, you can share your thoughts with them, you long to tell them the latest news in your life, you seek them out to share your heart, you talk openly about issues, and you feel emotionally close to them.

I believe in a healthy relationship (not friendships, but in dating or marriage relationships) we have three types of intimacy: physical, emotional and spiritual. When one of those is out of balance the relationship is effected.

So, if you are dating someone and the physical is all there is, it will be out of balance. If all you have is emotional and not spiritual, it will be out of balance. Being totally physically intimate is reserved for the marriage relationship, where I believe all three levels of intimacy should be balanced equally.

In a marriage where there is no emotional intimacy one may start looking outside of the marriage to fill this part of the healthy relationship. This is how emotional affairs get started. Someone may feel they need that emotional tank filled and thus look outside of the marriage to find it.

How balanced are your relationship?

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