Wednesday, September 12, 2007

09/12/07 - Inward Purity

Last night I was watching Joyce Meyer and she said:

"When you have inward purity, you have external power."

I just said this over and over in my head: inward purity, external power, inward purity, external power.

Inward purity would be a person who is full of integrity, they would have no guilt, no hidden sins, no shame, a clear conscience before God. With other people they would not be jealous or angry. Their speech would be encouraging, uplifting, and meaningful. They would avoid gossip, slander, hatred, and folly. Their thoughts would be fully captivated by Jesus. They would treat other people with respect, purity, and have no hidden agenda/motives.

A person with this type of purity in their life would have great external power.

They'd be bold in their speech, open with their lives, and fully giving of themselves. They'd have all their mental and emotional energy to pour out for God's work. The pull of sin would not keep them tied to earthy worries. They'd not be mentally weighed down to past sins, hidden secrets, or shame. They would have experienced God's grace which has fully redeemed them, healed them, and wiped their sins clean. They'd not care what people thought of them, but be focused on pleasing their Master and Lord.

How I pray for this type of purity in your life and in my life! May we strive for pure hearts!

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