Tuesday, September 11, 2007

09/11/07 - Where were you?

This will be the question of the day: Where were you when you heard about the attack on the World Trade Towers?

I (insert being embarrassed here) was still in bed! I was living at home with my parents, we were in the middle of moving, and I stayed up late the night before.

It seems like so long ago, yet it seems like not so long ago.

So much has changed in my life: I've moved three times, I got married, my two sisters also got married, I have had two kids, republished my book, joined a new church, walked through the darkest event personally (miscarriage), I entered my 30's, and I have grown in my spiritual life.

Where were you? What has changed in your life?


Youlay said...

Yeah, this is good point in life you can refer to and remember were were you then.
That was a time when I were on 2 weeks vacation by the see with only my grandparents. I was watching it live even though it was summer holidays in my studies (time here: GMT+1).
I tried to get out of depression and forget about everything that happened in previous half year. I was broken hearted, crying all the time (personal issue).
3 months later I become Christian, I have found my spiritual family, I've changed field of my studies.
Since then I've been to Canada once, had 4 years as counselor at christian camps, started singing in church choir, started working on creating and maintaing websites. Moved (in the same city) more then 6 times.
That's how much I can remember now.

Kaylene said...

I was at home doing my school. My mom and sister came home and turned on the TV. I remember asking why, because we hardly ever had the tv on during school hours. Mom said, "Because there's major national news happening." Wow little did I know, it was a moment I'd never forget.